1st Step in a Healthy Marriage

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The 1st Step in a Healthy Marriage – Combining Finances is a Decision Worth Making Together (See Part 1 Love, Money, & Marriage, and the full article here

By Clay & Nicole Akers (who will celebrate 16 years of marital bliss on April 1, 2016)

According to TheKnot.com, June, August, September and October are the most popular months for weddings – that means, we’re rapidly approaching “Wedding Season”. If you and your significant other are one of the lucky couples looking to tie the knot in the coming months, there is an important wedding preparation you need to be sure not to overlook.

The goal of this discussion is for each of you to get an idea of what the other considers “normal” where money is concerned. As with most of us, we have a hard time defining our Normal because we don’t really ever think about it, and we probably have very little with which to compare it.

Understand that each of us makes decisions based on what is Normal (that is, our version of Normal), and we very seldom think outside of our Normal. Until, we marry someone to whom our Normal is their Strange. Don’t be offended, though, because to you their Normal is your Strange as well.

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Mike Allison - May 20, 2016

Well, Clay and Nicole, this is a great article that you’ve both put together here, and very wise advice form two people who learned some lessons the hard way. Thanks for this great article. Very practical and so, so important. Too many people are in over their heads with credit card debt and loans for things they don’t need to enjoy a happy life and relationship. You two are spot on with this.

    Nicole - May 20, 2016

    Mike, thanks for your time to read and comment. If we could teach what we have learned we would love them through the process to get out of debt. It isn’t easy to get out of debt. Too many people think they “need” credit cards and debt. If they knew the freedom life without debt provides they would never take the first step on the journey into slavedom/debt.

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