Aliens are Coming

The X-Files is among us again.  “They” exist; right? The truth is out there.  Is the theme music going through your head?  Doo,  do, doo, do, doo, do.  Ripple effect.

Aliens touched down at my house earlier today when my 4yo refused to nap.  She yelled the entire time she should have slept.  They abducted her sweet innocent body and left only the mean green guys behind.  She choose to fight back, but the mysterious, beings slimed her. When the green goo oozed from her she won herself an early bedtime.  

Doo,  do, doo, do, doo, do.

Extraterrestrials are more intelligent than the meager human race.  I bet they skip New Year resolutions.  They are smarter than to fall into the trap of over-reaching for silly things.  After all, if they travel to Earth, it is in pursuit of bodies–the harvest, or something hugely more important than losing weight. They battle for lifestyle changes. Most resolutions fall away, as we slip in goo, get sidetracked, or forget the something better we wanted to attain. “They” are coming.

Doo,  do, doo, do, doo, do.

My Grandma passed last week, may she rest in peace.  No, aliens didn’t take her, at least I hope not, but she would have been a desirable candidate for study.  She knew a few things about how the world works, and was willing to share them.  She was a master seamstress, a great chef, and a lady that could pinch pennies into a fortune.  At the bare minimum aliens would amass great wealth.

Doo,  do, doo, do, doo, do.

My dog is an amazing little mutt.  What he lacks in size he makes up for in personality.  Bentley is my lap buddy, and he will stop everything to flop over and give his belly for a scratch.  Every time I give him a bath I know that the little green men have infested his furry little body. Before bath his ears get flat and he backs into the corner or hides behind furniture much like my 4yo believes she has hidden.  He places his mercy call to ET, phoning home that the aliens don’t show up again.  Post bath he zooms around proving “they” exist.  Dog baths are simple, a lot like the journey of life, but they are real.

Doo,  do, doo, do, doo, do.

Most of us live in reality, but a select few choose Life.  They choose to believe. Whether it is raising children, resolutions that don’t last, Grandma’s saving plan, giving the dog a bath, or the game of Life.  We all believe in something greater. Where will the pilgrimage take us?  Will we get slimed with the daily details, or take time to trust in something greater? Do you believe?

Cue the music: Doo,  do, doo, do, doo, do.

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Nicole Akers believes in this Marc Anthony quote, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." She is a life-long writer. She is schooled in Creative Writing, Literature, British Literature, and Poetics. As an English major she honed her skills in Creative Writing, Journalism, Copy Writing, and even self published a book of poems. Today she is a Writer, Content Writer, and Blogger.

Genny - February 2, 2016

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    Nicole - February 6, 2016

    Thanks for sharing how you arrived to read my article. I am a little nutty. This blog is in its early stages, it is a work in progress. It can only improve; right?

bastcilk doptb - February 13, 2016

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    Nicole - February 14, 2016

    Thank you Etty for your time to read my posts! I am grateful for your time and your comment! Please share if able.

Rosanna Fassnacht - February 24, 2016

I love this I want to read more literacy works you do. Carry on all is good.

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