Most days I wander through my mundane life, without any real purpose.  I long to feel empowered, to live life with purpose, to feel called.  What does that mean? Called people have life figured out. Their hair is in place. The home is perfect. The wrinkles of life are ironed out. Called people are extraordinary, but my life isn’t anything like that. I am ordinary. My life is messy. Full of spilled milk. Unplanned. Imperfect. Uncalled.

Negative self talk. We all have it.  It is the voice of doubt saying “I am not good enough.”  I have nothing special to offer this world.  What if each one of us has a calling that we haven’t tapped into? I wrestled with similar thoughts in I Missed My Calling, Now What?   

Let us shift that thinking and start believing the possible. Background is the series of events that shape who you are. Bring your background, make yourself available. Show up, share your story, and live your calling.

That is what Esther did.  Esther is a woman I have been watching for several months. She is in the midst of a crisis in her family.  Her husband screwed up. Do I hear a “me too?”  We can all relate.  Not one of us is perfect, but he really messed up, and is absent from their home for a while. Esther displays shining effort to put her family back together in his absence. She nurtures the young ones in the home and rebuilds relationships with her elder children. She is amazing, not because she thinks so, but because everyone watching agrees there is something special about her. She wears a superhero cape, not because she has superpower, but because she shows up daily, using her gifts to live, restore, and continually love her family. She is a superhero in disguise.

Everyone wants to feel superhuman to some degree. I feel special when my 4 year old daughter asks, “Should I call you Momma, or should I say Queen?” She is in the princess stage and I hope it is because she sees something in my daily efforts she likes and wants to procure in herself. There is another Queen I know, this one is in the Bible, and her name is Esther. She was an orphan and she did not want to be Queen, yet the title was thrust upon her. Mordecai, who acted as her Father, offended Haman who was a trusted advisor to the King. Haman issued a decree to kill all Jewish people because Mordecai would not bow to him. Here is where Esther’s heritage becomes important. She is of Jewish descent and Mordecai rebukes her for not helping her people; he calls her into action by revealing her bloodline to the King and asking for help. After fasting Esther summons courage, lives like she was dying, and agrees to go to the King even though it could cost her her life. The story ends favorably as Haman’s plot is foiled and he and his children are killed. The Jewish people are saved by Esther’s courageous efforts to step up when called.  She was ordinary and her uniqueness was called upon at a necessary time to complete an awesome feat.

It calls to mind the “Be Awesome” game that we play at our house. As we eat breakfast in the morning we call each other to “be awesome.” We don’t have superpower, or a cape in our closet, but we challenge each family member to find a problem and solve it, to go out of our way to make someone’s day, to learn something new, to “be awesome.” Better yet, at dinner we go around the table and discuss the “awesomeness” of the day. Each of us knows that he is accountable at the end of the day to share how ordinary efforts become awesome.

In closing let’s recognize that the background of who you are may be messy, but it is your story and it is usable. The beautiful mess may one day be called to something extraordinary. Be available. Be present. Be humble. Be ready to use your ordinary to “be awesome” so that you can be Called.

About the Author

Nicole Akers believes in this Marc Anthony quote, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." She is a life-long writer. She is schooled in Creative Writing, Literature, British Literature, and Poetics. As an English major she honed her skills in Creative Writing, Journalism, Copy Writing, and even self published a book of poems. Today she is a Writer, Content Writer, and Blogger.

Rick Roswarski - March 16, 2016

Wow , You really hit your mark with this one Nicole . I was sitting at home trying not to move from Emergency surgery yesterday , I had sometime to look at Facebook , which I don’t have much time to do . That being said once again good job . Oh, if you have some of your writings please forward and tell me how much I owe you . P.S.S Ginny and I have put money down on lot and plan to start building a house in July. Love Uncle Rick

    Nicole - March 17, 2016

    Thanks for the high compliments! Prayers for a successful recovery and an uneventful building experience. What caused you to have surgery? Do you have any healthy topics to suggest for investigation from your experience? I’ll gladly add them to my writing prompts list. Love ya!

Mike Allison - June 1, 2016

Fantastic and most inspiring post Nicole. Your writing here is really a display of your incredible ability and desire to help others. This is a great example of “being awesome.”

    Nicole - June 2, 2016

    Thanks Mike! The world will be a better place, if each is inspired to “be awesome.”

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